I was born 9-11-65 , even before the terrorist made that day recognized around the world, 9-11 Was the date for the worst hurricane (Donna) to strike the Bradenton/Sarasota area years before I was born , then Irma came through our community last year also on 9-11 .

I am a third generation native of Manatee County Florida . I have been in the woods and on the water from the time I was able to get out of the house . My dad bought a 640 acre ranch in Myakka city when I was 11 and that is where I spent every summer and many weekends until I was out of school and then eventually moved out there . Our ranch is where I first was run up a tree buy a pack of hogs after our cowdog’s come across them and got them all agitated . It was then that I wanted to get catch dogs and learn how to Catch and tie them up like my dad and uncles and friends of his used to do before I was born . By the time I was born he had already started “ Clark seed company “ to harvest Grass seed and was also big into farming and harvesting sod. At around the age of 5 he also started farming tomatoes and many other vegetables which obviously consumed all of his time So that hog hunting with me and my brother was not a priority ! But after the age of 10 I was already into it as much as I could . And then in my early teens my dad started having rodeos several times a month at our ranch and the main attraction was catching and tying up wild hogs with one man and one dog, The fastest won the jackpot . That was the biggest thing happening in Central Florida for many months until uncle Sam came in and closed down everything ( animal cruelty) ?? but that is where I got very fast at developing my method of tying hogs .

As I got older most of my friends slowed down hunting with me because I was always a foot soldier while the majority of older people tend to only go off in vehicles or four wheelers. So almost all of my adventures was by myself and I would always think ( Man ) if I had a camera that would have been an excellent footage to show people. Then a man named Jake come out hunting with me and sold me some vest , ( first time ever using them on my dogs ) , he told me about a video he helped with called — hard-core hogs and dogs—. After seeing that I knew that I could make a hunting video also if I could just get somebody to run with me and operate a camera!!

So after two years of trial and error , during the worst economy in my memory we produced ( CUY ME IF YOU CAN ) on a shoestring budget . My little girl was born January 25, 2010 and made a brief appearance at the very end of the video .

After going through many ups and downs I am on track to making a kids videos starring my baby girl Jayde Desiree Clark, also known as the WRANGLERETTE , she is eight years old now and hopefully we can get it done a lot quicker than I did mine . Very hopeful to be able to earn a living by enjoying one of my favorite hobbies while making it more presentable and enjoyable to like minded people . GARY CLARK