Sharing and building upon skills and techniques that have been passed down for many generations With the goal to keep hog hunting with Man’s best friend as safe and enjoyable as possible well into the future !!

Hog hunting is enjoyed by thousands of Americans with almost as many different methods . A lot of times the land that is hunted will determine how the hogs are hunted . With that being said , The same track of land will be hunted by different methods depending on who is hunting it . Looking into the future I Hope to be able to showcase as many methods as possible that Americans use to catch wild hogs with one Primary tool that I hope to implement and encourage for every method of hog hunting , and that is safety.

Coming home from a hunt without injuries is obviously very beneficial to everyone involved but also to the other 2 participants of the hunt also. With today’s technology advancement We can limit the injuries to our dogs as much as possible whether it be through protective body armor or tracking collars that allow us to the action very fast ! Mix that up with our medical advancements and we can have our dogs back up and going again with not as much downtime .

With those hunters that bring the hogs out alive it is also important to keep their injuries as minimal as possible just like with the dogs . A hog that is chewed up from head to toe is not going to bring much money from Buyers That make a living selling hog hunts . Even if the plan is to butcher and barbecue within a few days of the hunt , no one wants to eat swollen and infected pork that has been unnecessarily chewed up by dogs . Even hogs that are trapped will mess up their face and sometimes break their teeth or jaw inside the trap without the proper safeguards. For the Hunter’s that are strictly focused on eradication that is not a concern but there are many within the sport that do catch and relocate to other ranches that offer trophy Hunts and any extra weeks in the pen nursing injuries waste a lot of money in food and medicine .
Another urgent reason to keep all three parties of the hunt as safe as possible is to keep our sport legal and government free into the future . With multitudes of YouTube and Facebook clips etc. of people getting hurt, dogs getting butchered, and most often seen -packs of dogs chewing a hog up nearly to death , this stuff is becoming rampant and will lead to outlaw of our sport if measures are not proclaimed and encouraged among responsible hunters that see the handwriting on the wall !!!

I plan to have a future goal of releasing YouTube’s showcasing different hunting methods to keep all three parties as injury free as possible! Examples such as methods to throw hogs On their side before tying by women and children that are not strong enough to accomplish it the traditional way —— how to separate a particular hog out of a group within a trap or trailer quickly and safely—-simple ways to save your dogs from overheating with cut vest on — etc. etc. With these goals in mind I am hopeful that responsible hunters will blaze the path to keep our sport from getting outlawed by the careless negligent Hunter’s that don’t put a second thought into their actions that they post all over social media.

After my release of (CUT ME IF YOU CAN ) in 2010 , I received the expected amount of hate mail from anti-hunters etc. But i was very surprised with the amount of anger and hostility coming from hog hunters around the country because of my catch and release That was showcased on many different places I hunted for my video.

the only thing within the minds of conservationist , government agencies, and many new hog hunters. The thought of castrating relocating and turning loose a hog is repulsive to them!!This is because “1” Many believe wild hogs is a NEW evasive species that is spreading everywhere and “2”they are totally unaware of the centuries long tradition of wild hog management in our country.

Disneys release of the American classic( OLD YELLER ) in the 1950s gives us a look into normal country life just after the Civil War throughout Texas. When Travis and yeller were cut down by hogs it was not because he was out hunting hogs for meat or eradicating hogs that got into his corn field , it was because he was out practicing hog management that had been going on for generations . ( Earmarking and castration )

Before the invention of Barbwire in 1890 , Farm animals such as horses cattle and hogs were all free ranging , eating and sleeping on whoever’s property had the desired food and shelter! Branding and earmarking was how to identify the owner of any particular animal . Everybody had a particular brand and accompanying earmark registered at the local court houses for their cattle and horses, the hogs on the other hand were very rarely branded but were earmarked !

During the 1800s stealing a horse would get a person hung to death , And after several offenses depending on what state you were in cattle rustling would also ! I’m not aware of any state that had a capital offense for being caught with somebody else’s earmark on a hog – but nonetheless it was very very serious, not just in the south west but even as far east as Kentucky, just ask the Hatfield and McCoy‘s how many people died over a hog killed with somebody else’s mark on it.

The wild hog problem is not a new issue to this country such as the media, government, etc. would try to have us believe ! There are Several key factors NOW that have allowed for the potential population explosion within selected areas , if not kept in check by us local hunters ! Wolves mountain lions and bears lived all through wild hog habitats and helped to keep the numbers down. Now they are few and far between. Food might be the most decisive factor ?

Or country side going back in time contained large amounts of thick uncleared forest. Thick hardwoods contain Contain lots of shelter but very limited amounts of food for large populations of deer , hogs , ect . As a child there were A handful of ranches 30,000 acres and larger just within my county . Now there is none over 5000 acres. And this is happening all over the country . Those large ranches had huge Areas of thick hardwoods and smaller areas improved pasture for cattle grazing . As it is broken up into smaller and smaller ranches , the new owners clear a large portion if not all of it for Vegetable farming,dairy, Cattle grazing, citrus farming etc., all of this area receives constant fertilizer which makes for Massive amounts of high-quality food, and then during the rains , some fertilizer is washed into the swampy wetlands that are not allowed to be developed, and they become lush and a very high-quality source of food also. The hogs and deer hide in the small pockets of woods that reamin on these smallwe ranches and after dark come out and wander far and wide into the farmlands and get all the food they need for exploding reproduction rates that our countries past would never sustain even though there were far less people and huge on amounts of forest .

Even though eradication is the prevailing cry throughout the country there are still pockets of people carrying on the tradition of HOG MANAGEMENT That will keep an area populated with good eating hogs along with trophy specimens also! By harvesting a lot if not ALL The female hogs caught or trapped and castrating and releasing all the males, A rancher can keep the numbers down but also have very high quality meat and trophies to enjoy or sell to Hunter’s.

Immediately after castration a boar stops running all through the woods constantly chasing after women and constantly fighting with other males , requires a lot less calories , and also jumps from an average mature weight of 200+ lbs boar to 300+lbs Barr hog with long sharp tusk that are rarely broken such as they are as a boar when they break them constantly fighting with other boars ! Few people eat boar meat but the thin skin, hi fat Barr is what all the fight is over .

Even if the government is able to genetically find a way to stop hog reproduction, I am hopeful that there will still be enough ranches that practice and encourage that age old tradition of hog management for the sport to continue , with your help we can keep it alive and safe and enjoyable into the future ??