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Catch & Release Wild Boar Hunting.

One Man - One Dog - Maximum Adrenalin!!
"Over 90% of all hunts are one man and one dog."

Finally, after 2 long years,
it's here! Hog Wrangler's 1st DVD,
Come along with the Hog
Wrangler on his Maximum
Adrenalin - High Energy,
catch & release wild boar
hunting!! Learn how the
woods become full of big
tooth barr hogs as the Hog
Wrangler and his dog catch,
mark, & release handfuls of
big boars.


                                                                                Length of DVD: 1 hour and 53 minutes

   $19.99 + $4.00 S/H

For International Orders,
Please Email sales@hogwrangler.com


Never before seen
footage of the Wrangler's
trained wild boar
piglets on hunts with
his catch dogs. This is
not a trick, truly
This DVD is great
entertainment for the entire family. The serious
hog hunter will love the
fast pace action of the
many wild boar catches,
and the kids love to see
our trained wild piglets.
For a preview of our
DVD, scroll down below.

Check out a preview of our full-length DVD
Cut Me If You Can

To see all of Hog Wranglers hunting clips click here

Welcome to


where it's all about

 Doggin & Wranglin

wild boar hogs.





In our DVD Cut Me If You Can the Hog Wrangler
explains why he raises a wild piglet
with his catch dogs every few years.
The benefits are Huge!


All of our wild boar hunts are catch and release.

We catchem' as boars and releasem' as bars.

We are striving to continue nearly 200 years of Florida Cracker Style hog management, in the midst of nationwide hog eradication programs.  This style of hog management has also been practiced in other states such as Texas, which was the setting for the movie Ol' Yeller in the 1860's.....Why did Travis and Ol' Yeller both get badly cut by wild hogs?  Because they were marking the hogs as instructed by his father before he left on the cattle drive. 

We are in the process of constructing a complete history of the benefits of this type of hog management.


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